Boesemani Rainbowfish

Boesemani Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia boesemani) Care Sheet

Probably one of the most beautiful and most popular species of freshwater fish is the Boesemani rainbowfish. These fish are easily recognized by the male’s signature gradient of blue and orange. They are active schooling fish that would make a great addition to planted tanks with lots of open water to swim. Keep reading to … Read more

Rainbowfish Family

The Rainbowfish Family (Melanotaeniidae)

With close to 100 different species of rainbowfish discovered, there is a lot to be learned from these little colorful fish! Many of these species have been adorned by the fishkeeping hobby due to their easy care and active behavior as well as the beautiful assortment of colors they come in. Keep reading to find … Read more

Red Rainbowfish Care Guide

Red Rainbowfish (Glossolepis incisus) Care Sheet

Simply stunning in color, the red rainbowfish looks beautiful while schooling in a planted aquarium against a backdrop of dense vegetation. While a hardy species, red rainbows need good water quality and a large tank for these fish to fully swim around and exhibit their natural active behavior. Keep reading to find out everything you … Read more

How To Spice Up An Aquarium With Australian Rainbowfish

How To Spice Up An Aquarium With Australian Rainbowfish

The Australian Rainbowfish is a brilliantly colored, peaceful fish that makes an attractive, easy-to-keep addition to any community aquarium. In the wild, the fish have adapted to cope well with fluctuations in water temperature and pH, making them extremely versatile as a tank-kept fish and the ideal choice for a beginner hobbyist. In this guide, … Read more

Hemianthus micranthemoides

Hemianthus Micranthemoides Care Guide

Most hobbyists, myself included, love to include plenty of vibrant, living plants in their tanks. If you want a versatile, bright green plant that’s easy to grow in a tropical freshwater tank, Hemianthus Micranthemoides might be a species worth considering. Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about growing and propagating this … Read more

Are Rainbow Fish Aggressive

Are Rainbow Fish Aggressive? Let’s Dive In and Find Out

Rainbow fish are beautiful and energetic tropical fish that are often kept in community tanks with other community fish. But some fish keepers have reported problems with aggression in rainbow fish, especially from males that can get territorial at breeding time. Here we’re going to look at which species of rainbow fish are more prone … Read more

Red Worms in Fish Tank

Red Worms in Fish Tank – Identification and Treatment

You went to feed your fish their breakfast in your beautiful fish tank and spotted a thin, red thread poking out of your fish’s rear end! OMG! What is that?! The chances are that your fish has contracted a Camallanus infection. But what is Camallanus? Are they contagious? And how can aquarium owners treat and … Read more

gourami types

Gourami Types – 20 Different Species of This Glorious Fish

Gouramis are an extremely popular fish that’s often seen in home community tanks. There are 133 known species of these gorgeous fish, many of which you can buy from your local fish store, although more unusual, rarer species can be found for sale online from specialist breeders. In this guide, we introduce you to 20 … Read more

Rainbow Fish Tank Mates

Rainbow Fish Tank Mates – 12 of the Most Suitable Species

Rainbowfish are a family of small, vibrantly colored tropical freshwater fish originating from Australia, Madagascar, New Guinea, and Sulawesi. There are thought to be over 100 varieties of these gorgeous fish to choose from, and they can make a dazzling centerpiece in any community aquarium. But what fish species make the best tank mates for … Read more

How Many Guppies in a 30 Gallon Tank

How Many Guppies in a 30-Gallon Tank Is Recommended?

Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are brightly colored, active pet fish that are easy to keep and breed, making the “Millionsfish” or “Rainbowfish” a popular choice for many freshwater tropical tanks. These beautiful livebearers are incredibly prolific breeders, so you can rapidly finish up with many more fish than you started with! That’s no problem if you … Read more

aquarium fish that like strong current

Aquarium Fish That Like Strong Current – Our Helpful Guide

Finding fish for community tanks with a strong current can be tricky since not all species appreciate a fast flow. If the current is too fast for your fish, they will suffer from stress, leading to disease and a failure to thrive. But what aquarium fish species appreciate an environment with a fast flow? Read … Read more

best food for cory catfish

The Best Food for Cory Catfish – Our Informative Guide

Corydoras catfish are one of the hobby’s most popular aquarium fish. These cute little guys are peaceful, hardy, and extremely easy to care for, making them a popular choice for beginners. Corys can live for five years or even more if provided with the correct environment and a high-quality, varied diet. So, what do these … Read more

Bala Shark

The Bala Shark – Everything You Need To Know in One Place!

If you have a very large tank and are looking to add an impressive fish to your collection, the beautiful Bala shark might be worth considering. Because of the large size of these fish, we recommend they only be taken on by experienced aquarists rather than complete beginners. To find out how to care for … Read more

how many angelfish in a 55 gallon tank

How Many Angelfish Can Fit in a 55-Gallon Tank?

Are you thinking of getting a 55-gallon aquarium? That’s a great idea! A 55-gallon tank is a perfect size for keeping angelfish. But how much angelfish can you keep in a 55-gallon tank? The answer to that question depends on a few factors, including the size and age of your fish, the other fish in … Read more

rainbow shark vs red tail shark

Rainbow Shark vs Red Tail Shark! Which One’s Right for You?

Rainbow sharks and Red Tail sharks are very similar, so they are easy to confuse. While they are two separate species, they share lots of similarities in behavior, diet, and habitat, but they also have some specific differences. Read on to find out the similarities and differences between these two lively species. What Do Rainbow … Read more