guppy and angelfish

Guppies and Angelfish – Are They Compatible Tank Mates?

Guppies and angelfish are two popular tropical fish species that you’ll see for sale in most fish stores. Now, you might think that these two fish would make fabulous tank mates. After all, angelfish are elegant, graceful fish that seem to cruise effortlessly and peacefully through the water column, while adult guppies come in rainbow … Read more

are mollies schooling fish

Are Mollies Schooling Fish? Let’s Dive In and Find Out

With their bright colors, vibrant patterns, and livebearing habit, Mollies are among the most popular fish in the hobby. Mollies are usually displayed in large groups in pet stores, so many beginners assume that these are schooling fish. But is that so? Well, Mollies are actually not schooling fish, although they do like to shoal! … Read more

Cold Water Algae Eater

Cold Water Algae Eater – So, What Are Your Options?

Algae is the hobbyist’s sworn enemy, spreading in a slimy carpet over your tank and coating your decorations, plants, and viewing panes in green, red, or brown gunk. You can use an algae magnet to remove the eyesore from your tank glass, but you’ll need some help to get rid of algae growing in hard-to-reach … Read more

can goldfish live alone

Can Goldfish Live Alone? We Take a Deep Dive and Find Out

When I was a young boy, one of my first encounters with pet fish was with my neighbors who kept two goldfish. I can vividly remember the day when they told me, remorsefully, that one of the goldfish had died, and a week later, the remaining one had died of ‘loneliness’. Dying of loneliness. How … Read more

spray bar aquarium

Spray Bar Aquarium Accessories – Let’s Look at the Options

Aquarium spray bars have so many benefits, I’m sometimes surprised more people don’t use them. Not only do they improve the oxygenation of your aquarium water, but they can also improve water circulation, and are great for fish that dislike strong currents. An additional bonus is that you don’t necessarily have to buy this aquarium … Read more

algae eaters with goldfish

9 Algae Eaters With Goldfish – What Are the Best Choices?

Whether you have a Comet, Shubunkin, Fantail, or Ryukin, goldfish are probably the most famous pet fish in the world. But goldfish can live a long time, and grow very large, and their tanks can sometimes get filled with algae. What’s a good solution to algae blooms in fancy goldfish tanks? Well, algae eaters of … Read more

gourami types

Gourami Types – 20 Different Species of This Glorious Fish

Gouramis are an extremely popular fish that’s often seen in home community tanks. There are 133 known species of these gorgeous fish, many of which you can buy from your local fish store, although more unusual, rarer species can be found for sale online from specialist breeders. In this guide, we introduce you to 20 … Read more

Rainbow Fish Tank Mates

Rainbow Fish Tank Mates – 12 of the Most Suitable Species

Rainbowfish are a family of small, vibrantly colored tropical freshwater fish originating from Australia, Madagascar, New Guinea, and Sulawesi. There are thought to be over 100 varieties of these gorgeous fish to choose from, and they can make a dazzling centerpiece in any community aquarium. But what fish species make the best tank mates for … Read more

Can Goldfish Eat Tropical Fish Food

Can Goldfish Eat Tropical Fish Food? – Our Handy Guide

If you’re keeping both goldfish and tropical fish, you might be wondering – can I skip buying two kinds of food for my fish, and just feed my goldfish the tropical fish food? The answer is that tropical fish food is often not so different from goldfish food and can occasionally be used as a … Read more

aquarium fish that like strong current

Aquarium Fish That Like Strong Current – Our Helpful Guide

Finding fish for community tanks with a strong current can be tricky since not all species appreciate a fast flow. If the current is too fast for your fish, they will suffer from stress, leading to disease and a failure to thrive. But what aquarium fish species appreciate an environment with a fast flow? Read … Read more

Betta Fish Staying at Top of Tank

Is Your Betta Fish Staying at the Top of the Tank?

Betta fish are known for their preference to inhabit the mid to upper reaches of the water, rather than swimming around on the bottom. But if your pet betta is spending all of its time at the surface it could indicate a problem. There are several possible reasons for your betta to be staying at … Read more

Harlequin Rasbora and Betta

Harlequin Rasbora and Betta Fish – Can They Live Together?

When it comes to looking for tankmates for betta fish, rasboras are often mentioned as some of the best. Harlequin rasboras are no exception to this rule, and there are some interesting reasons why these two species of fish can make excellent tank mates. Here we’re going to explore all the reasons why harlequin rasbora … Read more

Frogbit Roots

Frogbit Roots – What They Are, and How To Manage Them

Amazon Frogbit is an attractive floating plant often grown in tropical freshwater aquariums. Its modest demands and many useful attributes have made it a popular plant among fish keepers for decades. This Amazonian plant isn’t entirely without its problems, however. Its fast growth rate and ability to cast heavy shade over the aquarium means that … Read more

Do Algae Eaters Eat Fish

Do Algae Eaters Eat Fish? Read Our Article To Find Out!

If you’re reading this, you may have noticed a few of your fish disappearing in the night, and your algae eater looking particularly satisfied in the morning. Or perhaps you’ve heard gruesome stories of algae eaters going on a killing spree in a community tank? Though such horror stories do exist, the good news is … Read more