Indian Almond Leaves

Indian Almond Leaves in Your Aquarium: A Simple Guide

At Aquariadise, we’re constantly referring to fish that prefer soft, acidic water stained by tannins. These ‘blackwater environments’ are easy to achieve at home by adding tannin-rich ingredients, such as Indian almond leaves. Not only do they alter the water chemistry in favor of your fish, Indian almond leaves can also be used as a … Read more

helping fish accilmate

Fish Still Hiding After Weeks in the Tank? Try This

Sometimes, you’ll buy a stunning new fish only to find that it hides or sulks for days or even weeks. What is this behavior about, and how should we encourage them to reveal their full glory? Here we’ll explore the main reasons that your fish may be hiding after being introduced to a new tank, … Read more

how to stop overthinking aquarium design

How To Stop Overthinking Your Aquarium Design, According to Experts

When it comes to aquarium design, it’s easy for things to get over-complicated. Elaborate planting and fancy layouts might look impressive, but they also take considerable time, effort, and money to establish and maintain. Thankfully, a beautiful and effective aquarium design doesn’t have to be complicated. With a strong vision for what you want to … Read more

Purple Thai Devil Crab

The Purple Thai Devil Crab Guide: Exploring the Enigma

There’s been a growing interest in unusual crustaceans in recent years, and, unfortunately, this sometimes results in new species being kept in inappropriate conditions. Sadly, there’s been much misinformation about how to keep purple Thai devil crabs, and these terrestrial crabs are sometimes even seen immersed in water in pet stores. In this article, I’ll … Read more


Pencilfish: Care Tips and Insights for This Enchanting Fish

What if I told you that there’s a family of beautiful community fish, closely related to tetras, but rarely kept, even by advanced fish keepers? Introducing the pencilfish – a fish tribe that’s largely overlooked, yet brimming with potential for freshwater community tanks. In this guide, we’ll explore the most commonly kept species, and learn … Read more

Black Phantom Tetra

Black Phantom Tetra: Unveiling a Captivating Tank Addition

Tetras are the bread and butter of tropical community tanks. But if there’s one species in the family that’s under-represented, it could well be the black phantom tetra. With an elegant, oval shape, peaceful character, and entertaining, active behavior, black phantoms deserve to be kept far more often than they are. Let’s take a closer … Read more

Festivum Cichlid

Festivum Cichlid Care: A Comprehensive Guide for Aquarists

Have you ever heard of the festivum cichlid? Also known as ‘flag cichlids’, festivums were once more popular than they are today. Although less colorful and flashy than some other cichlids, these sociable fish are more peaceful than many of their feisty relatives and can be kept in groups in large community tanks. Some of … Read more

Chocolate Cichlid

Chocolate Cichlid: Habits, Habitats, Appearance, and Diet

Chocolate cichlids, otherwise known as ‘emerald cichlids’ are a lesser-known but intriguing large South American cichlid. Sometimes compared to Severum cichlids or Oscars, chocolate cichlids are either gentle giants or moody monsters depending on who you ask! While chocolate cichlids are not the best choice for first-time cichlid keepers, advanced aquarists might find this a … Read more

Severum Cichlid

Our Care Guide for the Severum Cichlid (Tank Mates + More)

Severum cichlids are among my favorite species of tropical fish. Big and beautiful, with bags of personality, these glorious fish are also relatively peaceful for a large cichlid. But severums also demand exceptionally high water quality, high water temperatures, and soft, acidic water to thrive. Feeding them plenty of vegetable matter is also key for … Read more

Buenos Aires Tetra

Buenos Aires Tetra: Care Guide for a Harmonious Tank

Buenos Aires tetra have long been popular aquarium fish for both tropical aquariums and cold water setups. However, some aquarists are surprised to learn that Buenos Aires tetras grow to a larger size than most other tetras and can become aggressive towards their tank mates, even destroying aquarium plants in some circumstances. In this care … Read more

Keyhole Cichlids

Full Care Guide for Keyhole Cichlids

The humble keyhole cichlid may be less glamorous than some of its dazzling relatives, but this aquarium relic was once more popular than today, and deservedly so! Keyhole cichlids are one of the most peaceful cichlids that you could hope to find. They also remain relatively small, so can be kept with medium-sized community tank … Read more

pearl gourami

Pearl Gourami: Maintenance, Diet, Habits, and Habitats

Elegant and beautiful, pearl gouramis could be seen as a pearl in the crown of the gourami family. But while their good looks make them popular, are pearl gouramis the ideal fish for a community tank? In this care guide, I’d like to dispel the myth that pearl gouramis are model community fish. Although some … Read more

how many chili rasbora in 5 gallon

How Many Chili Rasbora in a 5-Gallon Tank Is Ideal?

Chili rasboras are gorgeous nano fish that are perfect for life in a small, single-species tank or as part of a community setup. These delightful little fish are peaceful and get along with other fish and inverts, and they’re relatively straightforward to care for, although they do best in a mature aquarium. So, how many … Read more

White Skirt Tetra

The White Skirt Tetra: A Complete Care Guide

The white skirt tetra is a beautiful tropical fish for the freshwater community tank. The graceful shape and attractive schooling behavior of this fish make it a popular choice for aquarium hobbyists around the world. Here we’ll take an in-depth look at these translucent fish, how to best care for them, and also discuss the … Read more