How To Fish Mate

How Do Fish Mate: Mating Age, Seasons, And More

If you’re a keen hobbyist, you may have considered breeding from your stock. Many fishkeepers, especially betta enthusiasts, enjoy studying the genetics of a particular species and trying to create new and exciting variations of the fish. In this guide, we take a look at how to fish mate and reproduce. You may be surprised … Read more

Guppies And Betta

Guppies and Betta Fish – Do They Make Good Tank Mates?

So, you have some colorful Betta, and you’d like to add some Guppies to your tank. Can Guppies and Bettas thrive in the same aquarium? The answer is yes but there are several factors you’ll need to consider. Read on to learn about everything you need to know about keeping Guppies and Betta together. Factors … Read more

Goldfish Not Eating

Is Your Goldfish Not Eating? Read On To Find Out Why

Goldfish are normally one of the greediest of all pet fish, so it’ll always be concerning if they completely refuse to eat. A lack of appetite in your goldfish is a classic tell-tale sign of a serious problem in your tank environment or your goldfish’s health that’ll need correcting as soon as possible. In many … Read more

Can Plecos Live With Goldfish

Can Plecos Live With Goldfish in Your Home Aquarium?

Goldfish are notoriously messy fish, and this often leads to algae problems in their fish tank. Since plecos are such excellent algae eaters, you may be wondering, ‘Can I keep a pleco in my goldfish tank?’. Well, the answer is yes, but with some conditions to be fulfilled. Only certain types of pleco are suitable … Read more

are gourami aggressive

Are Gourami Aggressive Fish – We Examine the Facts

There are currently around 133 species of gouramis, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to keeping them in your home aquarium! You might have heard that gouramis are aggressive. But is that true? Can gouramis be peaceful community tank fish, or are these creatures just troublemakers that are best avoided? Read this … Read more

guppy and angelfish

Guppies and Angelfish – Are They Compatible Tank Mates?

Guppies and angelfish are two popular tropical fish species that you’ll see for sale in most fish stores. Now, you might think that these two fish would make fabulous tank mates. After all, angelfish are elegant, graceful fish that seem to cruise effortlessly and peacefully through the water column, while adult guppies come in rainbow … Read more

Red Worms in Fish Tank

Red Worms in Fish Tank – Identification and Treatment

You went to feed your fish their breakfast in your beautiful fish tank and spotted a thin, red thread poking out of your fish’s rear end! OMG! What is that?! The chances are that your fish has contracted a Camallanus infection. But what is Camallanus? Are they contagious? And how can aquarium owners treat and … Read more

are mollies schooling fish

Are Mollies Schooling Fish? Let’s Dive In and Find Out

With their bright colors, vibrant patterns, and livebearing habit, Mollies are among the most popular fish in the hobby. Mollies are usually displayed in large groups in pet stores, so many beginners assume that these are schooling fish. But is that so? Well, Mollies are actually not schooling fish, although they do like to shoal! … Read more

can angelfish live alone

Can Angelfish Live Alone? (Reasons Why)

Whether you term angelfish ‘social fish’ or ‘schooling fish‘, it’s clear that they tend to enjoy the company of one another and should ideally be kept in pairs or groups. In no circumstances should an angelfish be kept completely isolated, though some aquarists have successfully kept a single specimen alongside other fish in a community … Read more

Bridge Fish Tank

A Bridge for Your Fish Tank? We Look at the Pros and Cons

If you have two small fish tanks, but you want more fish than just one tank can comfortably hold, why not construct a bridge between the two tanks? That increases the total water volume available, giving you the scope to increase your stock without overcrowding. In addition, cleaning the tanks is made easier because all … Read more

can clownfish live alone

Can Clownfish Live Alone? Who Are Their Ideal Tank Mates?

If you’ve ever watched Finding Nemo, you probably imagine clownfish as very sociable, affectionate creatures. How Marlin pined for Nemo when he thought he’d lost him! But what about in real life? Well, it turns out that clownfish aren’t so fond of clowning around with each other in many cases. While they can be kept … Read more

Elephant Betta Fish

The Elephant Betta Fish: A Complete Care Guide

Also referred to as the Dumbo fish, Siamese fighting fish, or the Betta splenden, the Elephant Ear betta is a highly aggressive and territorial breed that will fight to the death if given a chance. For this reason, as with most bettas, males should not be housed together due to their tendency to fight. The … Read more

can goldfish live alone

Can Goldfish Live Alone? We Take a Deep Dive and Find Out

When I was a young boy, one of my first encounters with pet fish was with my neighbors who kept two goldfish. I can vividly remember the day when they told me, remorsefully, that one of the goldfish had died, and a week later, the remaining one had died of ‘loneliness’. Dying of loneliness. How … Read more