pearl gourami

Pearl Gourami: Maintenance, Diet, Habits, and Habitats

Elegant and beautiful, pearl gouramis could be seen as a pearl in the crown of the gourami family. But while their good looks make them popular, are pearl gouramis the ideal fish for a community tank? In this care guide, I’d like to dispel the myth that pearl gouramis are model community fish. Although some … Read more

are gourami aggressive

Are Gouramis Aggressive Fish? We Examine the Facts

There are currently around 133 species of gouramis, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to keeping them in your home aquarium! You might have heard that gouramis are aggressive. But is that true? Can gouramis be peaceful community tank fish, or are these creatures just troublemakers that are best avoided? Read this … Read more

gourami types

Gourami Types – 20 Different Species of This Glorious Fish

Gouramis are an extremely popular fish that’s often seen in home community tanks. There are 133 known species of these gorgeous fish, many of which you can buy from your local fish store, although more unusual, rarer species can be found for sale online from specialist breeders. In this guide, we introduce you to 20 … Read more

Gourami and Angelfish

Gourami and Angelfish: Can They Live Together?

At first glance, housing angelfish and gouramis together may seem like the perfect solution for avid fish enthusiasts. After all, both angelfish and gouramis are popular freshwater species known for their vibrant colors and playful personalities. But does housing these fish together work, or is it a recipe for disaster? To answer this question, it’s … Read more

Dwarf Gourami

Dwarf Gourami Care Guide: Tank Mates, Lifespan, and Health

If you’re ready for a bright, beautiful, shy fish in your aquarium but don’t want to deal with a betta’s bad attitude, the Dwarf gourami might be the perfect fish for you! These peaceful tropical fish are fairly easy to take care of, and we have all the information you need to keep your fish … Read more

Powder Blue Gourami

Powder Blue Gourami (Trichogaster Lalia Variation) Care Sheet

The powder blue gourami is a very popular variation of the dwarf gourami due to its vibrant color and small size. These fish are relatively hardy and perfect for beginner and experienced hobbyists alike as they don’t need much space in the aquarium and have easy care requirements. While they are an easy species, it … Read more

gourami tank mates

Gourami Tank Mates: 13 Species That Are Friendly With This Fish

The gourami has long been a favorite fish for the home aquarium for many reasons. There are lots of different gourami varieties to choose from, they’re easy to care for, don’t get too big (depending on the species), and make excellent community fishes. What’s not to like? In this detailed guide, we check out 13 … Read more

Sparkling Gourami

Sparkling Gourami {Trichopsis Pumila} Care Guide

The Sparkling gourami is a beautiful, lively little fish that can make a great addition to a peaceful community aquarium. These fish are relatively straightforward to care for, too, making them ideal for beginners. Although seldom seen in the home aquarium, Sparkling gouramis can sometimes be found in fish stores and are widely available online … Read more

honey gourami

Honey Gourami: Golden-Colored And Peaceful Species

The Honey gourami is one of many different gouramis, and a school of these pretty little golden fishes can make a lovely addition to a peaceful community tank. Gouramis are generally straightforward to care for and are a good choice for a beginner to the hobby. In this article, we show you how to choose … Read more

Giant Gourami Care Guide

Giant Gourami Care Guide: Size, Behavior, Diet, And More

All species of gourami are popular with hobbyists for their looks and for their peaceful, amenable temperament, making them ideal for a community aquarium setup. Also, these fish are easy to care for, so beginners can enjoy them too. However, gourami Osphrenemus goramy is more challenging to keep, mainly because of the massive size they … Read more

Kissing Gourami Care Guide

Care Sheet: Kissing Gourami | Helostoma temminckii

Pucker up! If you’ve ever wanted a kiss from a fish, then the kissing gourami may be the next addition to your freshwater tank. These dazzling fish in their pink variety have become a favorite among many aquarium hobbyists, and are a popular alternative to the dwarf gourami (Trichogaster lalius). However, they can have some … Read more

Opaline Gourami Ultimate Care Guide

Opaline Gourami Ultimate Care Guide: Colorful Additions

The Opaline gourami is also known as the Marbled gourami and is a color variant of the Blue gourami or Three-spot gourami, and you may find these fish in your local fish store under these names. The scientific name of the Opaline gourami is, trichopodus trichopterus, formerly trichogaster trichopterus. The variable, attractive patterns of the … Read more

Diamond Tetras

Diamond Tetras: Fascinating Care Tips and Tank Set-Up Advice

The Diamond tetra makes a dazzling addition to any peaceful community tank, especially when you keep these stunning little fish in large groups. These fish are relatively straightforward to care for, making them a good choice for beginner aquarists, and you can breed them pretty easily in the aquarium. Keep reading to learn everything you … Read more

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish: A Guide to This Unique Species

The Tiger Shovelnose catfish is a large freshwater fish with a unique look many fishkeepers fall for. But are these fish suitable for beginners, and will one thrive in a tank environment? There’s so much you need to know before you buy a Tiger Shovelnose catfish, so we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to the species … Read more