Goldfish Turning Black

Goldfish Turning Black: Causes and Treatment

It’s in the name: goldfish are gold. So why is yours turning black? Unfortunately, this isn’t good news and your fish might be suffering from ammonia poisoning. But don’t worry, with some quick correction to water parameters, your fish will be back to its bright metallic coloration in no time! Keep reading to find out … Read more

Best Goldfish Food Brand

The 7 Best Goldfish Food Brands For A Longer Lifespan

Goldfish are just about the most popular pet fish in the world, followed closely by betta fish. Many families buy goldfish for their kids, but keeping these beautiful fish happy and healthy is not simple. Goldfish can grow up to 12 inches long, depending on the species, so they need a large tank or a … Read more

Goldfish Tankmates

Goldfish Tankmates: Well-Matched Companions For This Humble Fish

Goldfish are traditional pets that are often bought for kids. Many of these beautiful fish end up living in isolation in their tank, apparently very happily.  But does your goldfish really need a tank mate? The simple answer to that question is yes! In this guide, we take a closer look at the humble goldfish … Read more

Redcap Oranda

Redcap Oranda Fancy Goldfish Profile And Care Guide

Most hobbyists began their lifelong fishkeeping obsession as kids with a pet goldfish.  But, those goldfish were most likely a comet, or common, goldfish rather than one of the more exotic fancy varieties. These types of goldfish are relatively easy to keep, which makes them good beginner fish, and can be relocated to a garden pond if … Read more


Oranda Goldfish Complete Care Guide

Did you have a pet goldfish when you were a kid? Many of us did, but that fish was likely nowhere near as exotic or downright weird-looking as the oranda fancy goldfish.  In this guide, we introduce you to the beautiful oranda and include top tips and advice on how to keep this peaceful fish happy and … Read more

Calico Goldfish

Calico Goldfish (Carassius auratus) Care Sheet & Information

Goldfish come in many shapes and sizes and it can be difficult to correctly identify the true name and variation of your goldfish. The calico goldfish is one of these variations and can be easily identified by their usual tri-color patterns. It should be noted that sometimes shubunkin goldfish are referred to as calico goldfish … Read more


Anacharis: Source Of Food For Goldfish, Cichlids, And Apple Snails

Living aquatic plants not only look beautiful in your display tank, but they provide several essential functions. Plants use carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, helping to oxygenate the tank water for your fish. Also, plants use the nitrates in the water as fertilizer, helping to keep the aquarium environment healthier for your fishes. Lush … Read more


Shubunkin Care Guide: Spotted And Colored Goldfish

Goldfish are a perennially popular pet with both adults and kids alike, and Shubunkins with their variegated colors are easily the favorite variety of these super-cute, beginner-friendly fish. But there’s more to the mysterious Shubunkin than just pretty colors! In this article, we take a closer look at the Shubunkin goldfish, including explaining how to … Read more

bubble eye goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish Care Guide: The Socially Active Species

An aquarium makes a very relaxing focal point for your home, and fish keeping is a hobby that’s growing in popularity. Children love having pets, but if you don’t fancy the hassle and expense of keeping a dog or a cat, you might want to consider keeping goldfish instead. Goldfish are pretty easy-to-care-for, and they … Read more

Lionhead Goldfish Care Guide

Lionhead Goldfish – Uniquely Featured And Textured Species

Goldfish make great starter pets for kids and are often an enthusiast’s first venture into the exciting world of fishkeeping. There are many different varieties of goldfish, and lots of different colors and shapes to choose from. Goldfish are hardy and generally pretty easy to care for, too, making them the ideal choice for a … Read more

Black Oranda Goldfish

Care Sheet: Black Oranda Goldfish | Carassius auratus variety

Oranda goldfish are truly a spectacle to be seen and maybe one of the most sought after goldfish varieties in the aquarium hobby. These fish have elegant flowing tails, a delicate head wen, and come in nearly every color. Keep reading for more information about black oranda goldfish care and having these fish in your … Read more

Black Moor Goldfish Care Guide

Care Sheet: Black Moor Goldfish | Carassius auratus variety

You’ve seen orange goldfish, red goldfish, and maybe even calico goldfish, but have you ever seen a black goldfish? Black moor goldfish can make a bold and beautiful contrast with more commonly-colored goldfish but are just as peaceful and require the same care as most other goldfish varieties. Keep reading to find out everything you … Read more

Best Way To Care For A Telescope Goldfish

Best Way To Care For A Telescope Goldfish

If you enjoy the spectacular finnage and wide range of colors that are offered by fantail goldfish, you might want to consider adding a telescope goldfish to your collection. In this guide, we give you all the information you’ll need to successfully keep and breed these beautiful freshwater fish in a home aquarium setup. But … Read more

Keeping Fancy Goldfish In Ponds

Keeping Fancy Goldfish In Ponds

Although keeping fancy goldfish in an outdoor pond year-round is not an option everywhere due to climate differences, setting up a fancy goldfish pond even just for the summer can be a fun project. (Temporary) life in a pond is often beneficial for your goldfish when done right and it can also lessen maintenance time for … Read more

Feeding Goldfish

Feeding Goldfish

Feeding (fancy) goldfish seems simple: you buy some fish flakes and you’re all set, right? As with many things in the aquarium world, it’s unfortunately a little more complicated. Traditional fish flakes, while marketed as such, are almost never suitable goldfish food. They usually contain fillers that barely have nutritional value and can actually be bad … Read more