Mandarin Goby Care

Mandarin Goby: [Synchiropus splendidus] Full Caresheet

The Mandarin goby is an absolutely stunning, tropical saltwater fish that deserves pride of place in any marine aquarium setting. However, one of these beauties is not suitable for a beginner, as the fish can be difficult to keep in captivity, largely because of their dietary challenges. In this article, we provide you with all … Read more

bumblebee goby

Caresheet: Bumblebee goby | Brachygobius spp.

Gobies from the Brachygobius genus, better known as bumblebee gobies, are small bottom-dwelling aquarium fish species featuring a bee-like yellow and black striped pattern. This species may not be the best choice for most community aquariums and requires a tank set up with brackish water. So why keep bumblebee gobies then? As any aquarist who … Read more

Acan Coral

Acan Coral: Our Complete Care Guide

Acan corals are an understated coral. They are easy to care for and can bring intense colors to the lower portions of the tank. Many designer varieties are available that can go for hundreds of dollars, though acan coral care is relatively basic in a well-established reef aquarium. Keep reading to find out everything you … Read more

Small Freshwater Fish

Small Freshwater Fish

Maybe you’re getting your child their first pet or perhaps you’re looking for multiple fish to fill a tank. Either way, there are plenty of small freshwater fish to choose from, with all sorts of colors, fin shapes, and sizes.  We’ll walk you through all kinds of freshwater fish from across the world. This list … Read more

Peacock Gudgeon

Peacock Gudgeon Care Guide

A peacock gudgeon. Have you ever heard of it? That’s okay! Many hobbyists have never heard of this small, colorful fish before, even though they’re one of the most beautiful fish species available.  It turns out, these gorgeous fish are perfect for smaller planted tanks and generally easy to care for in the long run. … Read more


Pipefish Care Guide

If you’ve ever seen seahorses at the aquarium, you might have also seen some odd-looking skinny fish along with them. These are pipefish and are a very popular fish to keep in the home aquarium! Pipefish are very difficult to keep and are only recommended to expert keepers. Keep reading to find out everything you … Read more

Harlequin Shrimp

Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera picta) Care Sheet

The harlequin shrimp might be one of the most beautiful saltwater invertebrates currently available in the aquarium hobby. While these shrimp do well in community and reef tank settings, their selective diet makes them slightly more difficult to keep than other marine shrimp. However, if you’re struggling with an Asterina starfish problem, then a harlequin shrimp might … Read more

5 gallon freshwater fish tank

5-Gallon Fish Tank: Our Top Four Choices

While some hobbyists like to get as much room as possible for their fish to roam, others enjoy testing the limits of just how small of an operating ecosystem they can get. 5 gallon (18.9 L) fish tanks are usually known as the bare minimum for betta fish, but these tiny tanks can be bursting … Read more

Best Betta Fish Tanks

Betta Fish Tanks: Our Top Five Betta Homes

A betta fish may be the very first fish you plan on getting. But since the pet store keeps them in small containers with no filtration, that obviously means that you can get a small tank for your betta fish too, right? No. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about how to properly care … Read more

what do crabs eat

What Do Crabs Eat? Algae, Protein, And More

If you’re wondering whether crabs make excellent pets, you’ll need to know how to care for them, including how to feed them. Several species of freshwater crabs can be kept as pets, but in this guide, we focus on the hermit crab. So, what do Hermit crabs eat? In this article, we explain how to … Read more

Glass Fish Care Guide

Glass Fish (Parambassis ranga) Care Sheet

Are you looking to fill your fresh water tank with something a little odd? The glass fish, also commonly called the Indian glassy fish, is a perfectly transparent species of fish that likes to shoal together in very bold and active groupings. While it has been widely believed that these aquarium fish are more difficult … Read more

Bottom Feeder Fish

Top 5 Bottom Feeder Fish | Freshwater Bottom Dwellers

In the aquarium hobby, there are typically three zones in your tank that you want to consider when stocking to ensure you have an even spread of fish: there are surface feeders, mid-water fish, and bottom feeder fish. Bottom feeder fish live and feed on the lower section of the aquarium where they can bring … Read more