Tiger Shovelnose Catfish

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish: A Guide to This Unique Species

The Tiger Shovelnose catfish is a large freshwater fish with a unique look many fishkeepers fall for. But are these fish suitable for beginners, and will one thrive in a tank environment? There’s so much you need to know before you buy a Tiger Shovelnose catfish, so we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to the species … Read more

upside down catfish

Upside Down Catfish: A Quirky and Distinctive Aquarium Fish

The Upside Down catfish gets its name from its weird upside-down swimming style that enables the creature to feed more easily on the water’s surface. This quirky little fish is incredibly popular in the hobby and has been around for centuries, even appearing in ancient Egyptian artworks! But are these strange little fish suitable for … Read more

do cory catfish eat algae

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae? – Read Our Article to Find Out

Algae is a major bugbear for most aquarium owners, and many people like to assemble an aquatic cleaning crew to graze on the algae and keep it under control. Corydoras catfish are hardy, peaceful, easy to care for, and full of personality, which makes them ideal for a beginner’s tropical community tank. But do Cory … Read more

best food for cory catfish

The Best Food for Cory Catfish – Our Informative Guide

Corydoras catfish are one of the hobby’s most popular aquarium fish. These cute little guys are peaceful, hardy, and extremely easy to care for, making them a popular choice for beginners. Corys can live for five years or even more if provided with the correct environment and a high-quality, varied diet. So, what do these … Read more

How Many Cory Catfish in a 20 Gallon Tank

How Many Cory Catfish in a 20-Gallon Tank? Comprehensive Guide

Corydoras catfish are one of the most popular fish in the tropical aquarium hobby. These cute little fish are easy to care for and can be highly entertaining, making them a firm favorite with beginners and experienced fishkeepers alike. Corys, as they are also known, make an excellent addition to a peaceful community tank. So, … Read more

How Many Cory Catfish in a 10 Gallon Tank

How Many Cory Catfish Can You Keep in a 10-Gallon Tank?

Cory catfish (also known as corydoras) may be small, but they are active swimmers that need plenty of space. For this reason, many fish keepers disagree on how many cory catfish are appropriate for a 10-gallon tank. Nevertheless, most hobbyists agree that you can keep anywhere from 2 to 6 cory catfish in a 10-gallon … Read more

Gulper Catfish

Gulper Catfish: A Guide to This Weird and Wonderful Fish

Are you looking for something a little bit different to add to your freshwater fish tank? Well, the Gulper catfish might be a critter you could consider if you have a big aquarium. So, what is a Gulper catfish? Are Gulper catfish good beginner fish? And what tank mates are suitable to live with adult … Read more

Loach Catfish

Loach Catfish: A Complete Species Care Guide

Did you know that loaches are a type of catfish?  Yes, these slimy and snake-like fish are very closely related to catfish, which makes their aquarium care and maintenance pretty similar. If catfish aren’t your preferred fish, then there are tons of tropical loach species that you could add to your aquarium. Keep reading to … Read more

Eclipse Catfish

Eclipse Catfish Care Guide

Looking for an unusual fish to add to your large freshwater aquarium? The eclipse catfish is rarely seen among fish keepers in the aquarium hobby, but it can be kept by an intermediate or advanced fish owner. These predatory fish have beautiful colorations and can grow to impressive sizes. Still, they are catfish with big … Read more

Spotted Catfish

Spotted Raphael Catfish (Agamyxis Pectinifrons) Caresheet

The Spotted Raphael Catfish is a beautiful, interesting fish that makes a great addition to any tropical tank. These hardy fish are easy to keep, too, making them the perfect choice for a beginner. Read on to find out exactly how to look after and breed these charming fish. What’s in a name? The Spotted … Read more

Pictus Catfish

Pictus Catfish (Pimelodus pictus) Care Sheet

While the common pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) is one of the most popular bottom feeders available in the aquarium trade, there are a few better options that are more colorful and won’t quickly outgrow your tank. One of these options is the pictus catfish. The pictus catfish is a beautiful fish, unmistakable for its spotted pattern … Read more

Glass Catfish

Glass Catfish (Kryptopterus vitreolus) Care Sheet

Meet one of the few catfish that won’t stay at the bottom of your tank: the glass catfish. These fish are truly one of the most unique species available in the aquarium hobby due to their completely transparent bodies and free-swimming behavior. While they require more specific water parameters than most other beginner freshwater fish, … Read more

Raphael Catfish: Care Guide For The Striped Catfish

Raphael Catfish: Care Guide For The Striped Catfish

The Raphael catfish is a characterful, appealing freshwater fish that makes an interesting addition to any community freshwater tank. These fish are hardy and very easy to care for, making them a good choice for novice aquarists, provided that you give your Raphael the correct diet and tank conditions. In this guide, we explain how … Read more

Sterbai Cory: How To Care For This Catfish Species

Sterbai Cory: How To Care For This Catfish Species

The Corydoras catfish is just about the most popular species of tropical freshwater fish that’s found in home aquariums right around the world. These attractive little fish are easy to care for, making them perfect for the beginner hobbyist, and there are over 200 species of Cory to choose from, including the Sterbai Cory. What … Read more