Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most common causes of disease in freshwater and marine fish is stress. Poor water conditions in the aquarium typically cause stress, so keeping your tank scrupulously clean is critical if your fish are going to thrive. But it’s not always easy to remove fish waste and uneaten food from the substrate, which … Read more

bad tank smells

Aquarium Still Smelling Bad After Maintenance? Try This.

Owning an aquarium is a fun hobby that’s popular worldwide. Picture the scene; you’ve spent many hours and a lot of cash on designing the perfect aquascape and providing the perfect habitat for your pets. But what’s that horrendous smell coming from your fish tank? That can’t be happening! You maintain your tank correctly, and … Read more

thriving planted aquarium

Simple Habits of People Who Have a Thriving Planted Aquarium

Nothing sets off a tank full of beautiful tropical fish like a lush backdrop of healthy aquatic plants. But maintaining a thriving planted aquarium takes time, effort, and attention to detail. Don’t let that put you off! Even a complete beginner can successfully keep a planted fish tank, provided you choose types of plants that … Read more

persistently murky water

Aquarium Water Still Murky After Treatment? Try This

Cloudy aquarium water is frustrating for any aquarist, especially if you’re new to the hobby. After all, you want to enjoy a clear view of your fish, and if the water turns murky, you can’t do that. In addition, cloudy tank water can’t be good news for your fish, right? But what does it mean … Read more

habits for a healthy community aquarium

11 Habits of People Who Have a Healthy Community Aquarium

Have you ever gazed into a thriving community tank and wondered how every fish, plant, and critter appears so healthy and glowing with vitality? The answer often comes down to a few simple habits that separate pro fishkeepers from the rest. If you want to boast a vibrant community tank, in radiant health, we suggest … Read more

Ranchu Goldfish

Ranchu Goldfish: Distinctive and Iconic Aquarium Fish

If you’re in the market for a fancy goldfish, you may be considering a Ranchu goldfish. With their swollen heads and short bodies, Ranchu’s are one of the most iconic fancy goldfish varieties. But Ranchu goldfish are also lacking a dorsal fin, causing some animal rights advocates to suggest the breed should be outlawed. Let’s … Read more

black spots on aquarium plants

What Are the Black Spots on Aquarium Plants? (FAQs)

If you’ve discovered some black spots on your live plants, you may be concerned that there’s a problem to be addressed. In many cases, you’d be right. Black patches growing on aquarium plants is often due to ‘black beard algae’, a problematic type of algae that can overwhelm your aquarium if not dealt with urgently. … Read more

Can Plecos Live With Goldfish

Can Plecos Live With Goldfish in Your Home Aquarium?

Goldfish are notoriously messy fish, and this often leads to algae problems in their fish tank. Since plecos are such excellent algae eaters, you may be wondering, ‘Can I keep a pleco in my goldfish tank?’. Well, the answer is yes, but with some conditions to be fulfilled. Only certain types of pleco are suitable … Read more

Hydra in Aquarium

Hydra in Aquariums – What Course of Action To Take

The Hydra is the scourge of many fish tanks and is definitely not a creature that you want to have in your aquarium, especially if you have small fish or a breeder tank. This guide explains how to identify, eliminate, and prevent a Hydra population from invading your setup! Ancient Origins The original Hydra monster … Read more

How Often To Change Fish Tank Water

How Often To Change Fish Tank Water in Your Aquarium

When I got my first aquarium twenty years ago, I just assumed that the filter would do most of the cleaning work and didn’t realize that I’d have to change the water frequently too! But I soon learned that partial water changes are a standard part of good aquarium maintenance. While aquarium filters perform an … Read more

clean up crew

Putting Together the Perfect Clean Up Crew for Your Aquarium

Algae is an occupational hazard for aquarium hobbyists. Even a healthy fish tank has some of these green plants growing on the decorations, filter equipment, and viewing panes. Although algae won’t harm your fish, too much of the green stuff leaves your tank looking decidedly untidy. What can you do besides scrubbing your decorations and … Read more

Best Pond Vacuums

The 5 Best Pond Vacuums Available on the Market Today!

A garden pond filled with beautiful fish and aquatic plants is a wonderful addition to any home, but ponds need maintenance to keep them healthy and looking good, just like indoor fish tanks. A pond vacuum can make the cleaning process both simpler and quicker, leaving you with more time to sit and enjoy your … Read more