Best Substrate for Corydoras

The Best Substrate for Corydoras: An In-depth Review

Corydoras catfish are one of the most popular tropical fish in the aquarium hobby. These little guys are hardy, cute, entertaining, and beginner-friendly. And there are over 170 varieties to choose from! But when it comes to choosing the best substrate for Corydoras catfish, many beginners often get it wrong. So, to help you out, … Read more

upside down catfish

Upside Down Catfish: A Quirky and Distinctive Aquarium Fish

The Upside Down catfish gets its name from its weird upside-down swimming style that enables the creature to feed more easily on the water’s surface. This quirky little fish is incredibly popular in the hobby and has been around for centuries, even appearing in ancient Egyptian artworks! But are these strange little fish suitable for … Read more

do cory catfish eat algae

Do Cory Catfish Eat Algae? – Read Our Article to Find Out

Algae is a major bugbear for most aquarium owners, and many people like to assemble an aquatic cleaning crew to graze on the algae and keep it under control. Corydoras catfish are hardy, peaceful, easy to care for, and full of personality, which makes them ideal for a beginner’s tropical community tank. But do Cory … Read more

pygmy corydoras with betta

Keeping Pygmy Corydoras With Betta – Our Helpful Guide

So you’re wondering if pygmy corydoras could make the perfect tank mates for betta fish? Pygmy cory catfish are indeed one of the best tank mates for betta fish, but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be a match made in heaven! The aggressive betta fish can be notoriously difficult to keep with other fish, so … Read more

best food for cory catfish

The Best Food for Cory Catfish – Our Informative Guide

Corydoras catfish are one of the hobby’s most popular aquarium fish. These cute little guys are peaceful, hardy, and extremely easy to care for, making them a popular choice for beginners. Corys can live for five years or even more if provided with the correct environment and a high-quality, varied diet. So, what do these … Read more

How Many Cory Catfish in a 20 Gallon Tank

How Many Cory Catfish in a 20-Gallon Tank? Comprehensive Guide

Corydoras catfish are one of the most popular fish in the tropical aquarium hobby. These cute little fish are easy to care for and can be highly entertaining, making them a firm favorite with beginners and experienced fishkeepers alike. Corys, as they are also known, make an excellent addition to a peaceful community tank. So, … Read more

How Many Cory Catfish in a 10 Gallon Tank

How Many Cory Catfish Can You Keep in a 10-Gallon Tank?

Cory catfish (also known as corydoras) may be small, but they are active swimmers that need plenty of space. For this reason, many fish keepers disagree on how many cory catfish are appropriate for a 10-gallon tank. Nevertheless, most hobbyists agree that you can keep anywhere from 2 to 6 cory catfish in a 10-gallon … Read more

Raphael Catfish: Care Guide For The Striped Catfish

Raphael Catfish: Care Guide For The Striped Catfish

The Raphael catfish is a characterful, appealing freshwater fish that makes an interesting addition to any community freshwater tank. These fish are hardy and very easy to care for, making them a good choice for novice aquarists, provided that you give your Raphael the correct diet and tank conditions. In this guide, we explain how … Read more

Sterbai Cory: How To Care For This Catfish Species

Sterbai Cory: How To Care For This Catfish Species

The Corydoras catfish is just about the most popular species of tropical freshwater fish that’s found in home aquariums right around the world. These attractive little fish are easy to care for, making them perfect for the beginner hobbyist, and there are over 200 species of Cory to choose from, including the Sterbai Cory. What … Read more

Panda Cory Catfish

Corydoras Panda | Panda Cory Care & Info

One of the smaller Corydoras species, the panda Cory is the perfect choice for a peaceful community aquarium. Learn how to care for this cheerful Corydoras!

Cory Catfish

Keeping Cory Catfish | 5 Adorable Cory Species & Care Tips

If you’re a freshwater aquarist, you’ve probably come across cory catfish before. The various members of the Corydoras genus are an incredibly popular aquarium fish and for good reason. They’ve got everything you want in a fish! Cory catfish are a peaceful community fish, easy for beginners and fascinating to watch. Some will even breed in the … Read more

otocinclus catfish

Otocinclus catfish care & info

Otocinclus are little freshwater fish with a big appetite for algae. This aquascape-favorite seems ideal as an algae cleaner for small aquariums, but these dwarf catfish need some pretty specific care. If you’re willing to provide them with what they need to stay healthy and thriving, you’ll have a fascinating addition to your aquarium! Keep … Read more

corydoras aeneus

Visprofiel: Corydoras aeneus

Corydoras aeneus is één van de bekendere en meest populaire Corydorassoorten die in de hobby te vinden zijn. Een gemakkelijk, vrolijk visje dat als bijkomende bonus verkrijgbaar is in verschillende kleuren zoals albino en zwart. Lees verder voor alles dat je moet weten over het houden van Corydoras aeneus in het aquarium! Dit Corydoras aeneus … Read more

Aquarium Catfish

8 Aquarium Catfish For Community Tanks

There are many different types of catfish available in the aquarium trade, some of which work well in the home community aquarium and some of which definitely don’t. There’s a catfish for all tank sizes and community types, so keep reading for a list of 8 catfish ranging from small to medium sized and from calm … Read more