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My tanks

My tanks

Goldfish progress photos & Happy New Year!

When I was asked for an update about my goldies by fellow goldfish blogger GoldfishdoctorΒ this morning, I realized it had indeed been quite a while since the last one (5 months to be exact!). A lot has changed since that time: they have been…

December 29, 2013
My tanks

Pond update!

The goldies have been in the pond for almost 2 months now, so I figured it was time for a little update! They are doing great πŸ˜€ I took some photos the other day while they were out in the sunny part of the…

July 9, 2013
My tanks

Moving the goldfish (again!)

We’ve had a pretty awful and cold spring so far, but today the water in the goldfish pond I bought a while ago wasΒ finallyΒ warm enough to move my three fancies! They will be in this 132 gal pond for the rest of the summer…

May 19, 2013
My tanks

My visit to a HQ Goldfish importer!

After setting up my new aquarium, I really wanted a new telescope eye. However, I didn’t want to support any chain pet stores any more and wasn’t too sure where else I could get one until I stumbled upon the site ofΒ HQ Goldfish, a…

January 29, 2013