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Planaria in the aquarium

If you’ve been a fishkeeper for a while, chances are you’ve spotted these white worm-like creatures crawling on the glass. Ew! Luckily, they’re not harmful to most aquarium inhabitants. Keep reading for more information about planaria, how to identify these creepy worms and what…

February 21, 2016
Malaysian trumpet snails are one of the species that can completely overrun an aquarium.
Aquarium pests Articles Invertebrates

Removing snails from your aquarium

Like many other aquarists, I’m a big fan of some species of aquarium snails. They can make a helpful cleaning crew and some are very interesting to watch.¬†However, this unfortunately does not apply to all aquarium snail varieties. We all know the scenario; it…

July 30, 2014
damselfly nymph
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Damselfly larvae. Ew!

While I was doing a water change on the goldfish tub a few days ago, I realized I should probably clean the sponge in the filter, as I hadn’t properly done that since I took the goldies back inside. So I opened the filter,…

November 25, 2013