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Setting up your aquarium: equipment checklist

January 9, 2013

Now that you’ve decided you want an aquarium, it’s probably time to go to the pet- or aquarium store and find what you need to set everything up. Right. But what do you need to set up an aquarium?

I often see people buying things for their aquarium that they don’t actually need because they just don’t know what they should be looking for – aquarium stores make a lot of money off selling useless products, so be careful and skeptical when taking their advice! A shopping list can save you a lot of money, so I made one that contains all the basics you’re going to need for your first aquarium.

Of course there are lots of other things you can buy, this is just a very basic list. Whether you need stuff like plant food, pH lowering substrate or air pumps depends on what you want to do with your aquarium. Aquarium websites and people on forums can help you figure out what specific extras you need for the aquarium you want.
You can find the list as a text file here and print it right away to take with you to the store.

Happy fishkeeping!

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